The Babel Flute Days 2023

Our heartfelt thank you to Manuel Carranza Cueto, renowned composer and flutist, regional director of The Babel Flute in South America and its active collaborator for allowing us to use his epic music in the intro video!

September 19 - 24, 2023

Step into the enchanting world of Ancient Babylon as you travel back in time on September 19 - 24 to attend "The Babel Flute Days," a global flute convention.

This is a place where flutists from the 21st century come together to exchange their knowledge through, video presentations, games, live workshops and interactive exhibits.

  • Free registration for all!
  • Access for a month after the convention
  • Video presentations, digital brochures, exhibitions, live sessions, performances, new releases, games, polls, and more

  • Social interaction in WFA community 
  • Signing the Guest book at the end
  • A special gift to all guests and participants

  • Individual certificates for all participants and sponsors

The Babel Flute

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