Les Folies d'Espagne

New variations for solo flute by Onorio Zaralli

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Experience the timeless allure of "Les Folies d'Espagne" through Onorio Zaralli's innovative variations for solo flute. This musical journey pays homage to the historic significance of the 8-bar bass line, a fragment deeply woven into European musical heritage.

Originally immortalized by Marin Marais in the 17th century, "Les Folies d'Espagne" gained prominence as a pivotal composition in Marais's repertoire. Zaralli, inspired by this rich history, presents a contemporary take on the theme, infusing it with fresh perspectives and intricate variations.

As a composer in the Court of Louis XIV, Marais left an indelible mark on the world of music. His "Folies d'Espagne" is revered not only for its musical prowess but also for the historic influence of its bass line. This progression, originating in the 17th century and embraced by luminaries like Corelli, Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel, continues to echo through centuries of musical exploration.

Zaralli's compositions invite you to delve into the enduring beauty of this harmonic progression, bridging the past and present. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of "Les Folies d'Espagne Variations" and let Zaralli's original flute music captivate your senses.
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Flutist, composer, professor, writer, inventor

Onorio Zaralli

Founder of Web Flute Academy, The Babel Flute and Scuola Flautistica Italiana, flutist, professor, writer, composer, innovator. President of the Accademia Flautistica, Veneta, Padua.
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