Clown Dances

for piccolo and 3 flutes
by Onorio Zaralli

What's included?

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of "Clown Dances," an original composition for piccolo and three flutes by the renowned Onorio Zaralli.

Instantly download the score and parts to embark on a musical journey filled with mirth and whimsy.
Explore the captivating realm of the clown, a familiar and comic character known for distinctive makeup, ludicrous antics, and buffoonery—all designed to spark hearty laughter. 

The roots of the clown trace back to ancient Greece, where bald-headed, padded buffoons entertained with farcical performances and mime, parodying the actions of more serious characters.

Fast forward through history, and clowning evolved into a professional comic art during the late Middle Ages, drawing inspiration from court jesters and fool societies.

The renowned Harlequin, born from the Italian commedia dell'arte in the 16th century, became an enduring figure, spreading laughter across Europe with acrobatic tricks and playful antics.

Now, Zaralli's "Clown Dances" invites you to experience the timeless charm of the clown in a musical celebration.

Download the score and parts instantly to add a touch of whimsy to your flute repertoire.
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Flutist, composer, professor, writer, inventor

Onorio Zaralli

Founder of Web Flute Academy, The Babel Flute and Scuola Flautistica Italiana, flutist, professor, writer, composer, innovator. President of the Accademia Flautistica, Veneta, Padua.
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