16 Little Flute Trios

Level: Beginner-Intermediate. For 3 flutes.

What's included?

Written with Beginner to Intermediate players in mind, this collection of trios offers a delightful musical journey suitable for students at varying skill levels.

Key Features

Inclusive for All Skill Levels: Suitable for beginner to intermediate players, these flute trios provide an inclusive musical experience where students with different playing and reading proficiencies can create music together.

Collaborative Music-Making: The collaborative aspect fosters a sense of unity and shared musical accomplishment.

Digital Convenience: Experience the ease of accessing your musical materials with a convenient digital download. The package includes the score and all flute parts, ensuring a seamless and efficient preparation for your performances.

Embark on your musical journey with "16 Little Flute Trios" and discover the joy of collaborative music-making.
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Flutist, composer, professor, writer, inventor

Onorio Zaralli

Founder of Web Flute Academy, The Babel Flute and Scuola Flautistica Italiana, flutist, professor, writer, composer, innovator. President of the Accademia Flautistica, Veneta, Padua.
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